On-demand webinar from Wavicle Data Solutions and AWS

Reduce Costs and Improve Analytics with Serverless BI


On-demand webinar

Learn how serverless BI can help pave the way to more advanced analytics 

In today’s economic conditions, frugality is king. When it comes to data architecture, that means every element is carefully selected to provide the greatest value for the lowest cost. In this webinar, we’ll look specifically at how organizations can leverage serverless business intelligence (BI) tools to save costs while tapping into powerful analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities.
As the first BI tool built on the cloud, Amazon QuickSight integrates easily with your entire data ecosystem, including a growing suite of analytic capabilities from services such as AWS Glue and Amazon SageMaker – without the licensing and infrastructure costs we’ve all come to expect. It is now possible to make the shift to serverless BI quickly, easily, and for low cost with automated conversion technologies, such as the BI converter developed by Wavicle Data Solutions. Not interested in spending your hard-won BI budget on a multi-year BI migration project? No problem.
Join analytics experts from AWS and Wavicle Data Solutions as they explore how a frugal data architecture can deliver easier access to low-cost data visualization, leaving more funds to pursue artificial intelligence capabilities that enable predictive and prescriptive analytics. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How serverless BI simplifies your architecture
  • How Amazon QuickSight and the Wavicle BI converter can accelerate your shift to serverless BI
  • How serverless BI can pave the way to predictive and prescriptive analytics capabilities
  • Analytic trends that are shaping new BI expectations


Laura Branch, Director of Data Analytics
Wavicle Data Solutions

Ricardo Arriaga, Global Lead, Amazon QuickSight G/SI Partners
Amazon Web Services